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Puppies for Polly?

February 11th, 2012

It has been over two years since I have updated the blog, with Facebook, blogging is almost obsolete if you just want to keep friends and family updated. I’ll still use this to record dog show wins and plans for the year.

In 2011 Carmen finished her Senior title, she is now Matilija Loe’s Amazeme SH. We started her in the show ring right away with expert handling by Robert Scott and by the end of 2011 she has her nine minor points in the bag. She now needs those two major wins (2 wins of 3 or more points) to finish her Championship. In the years since she was born she is now a bit out of fashion for a California Labrador! She is taller on leg but still moves like a dream and has a beautiful coat and tail. Her temperament is “up” but she also can wind down very easily when in the house. She loves to sleep on the couch and is happiest after a long walk, dinner and a movie! I love this girl and am looking forward to breeding her one more time this next summer.

Polly, Matilija Midnight Chimes- is now four years old. She had a litter last year for Guide Dogs of America and sadly lost all the pups at the end of her pregnancy. The Vet said there is no reason not to try her again so I will be breeding her in the spring of 2012. Look for more news on this upcoming litter in the weeks to come!

Potomoc 2010

October 15th, 2010

Potomoc LRC on PhotoPeach
This is the loooong version- all 300 plus photos, I tried to get as many arm bands as possible!

World Clock Senegal

September 11th, 2010


Youngest son Garrison is in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa: He is blogging about his experience!

Garr’s blog: Mostly Harmless

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